Monday, August 20, 2007

Jabra BT8030 bluetooth headset works as a speaker too

While the kids at the back of buses everywhere may already be aware of the fact that headphones can act as speakers if turned up loud enough, the rest of humanity tends to keep the volume down, and is therefore unawares. Jabra has latched onto this concept and created the BT8030, which can act as a bluetooth headset when you're on the move, and then switch into a speakerphone mode for Skype at your laptop. The speaker / headphone combo will also play music over Bluetooth, lasting up to 26 hours in music mode, 32 hours in talk mode, and sitting in standby for up to 25 days. It'll retail for $249.99, although we're not sure when you'll be able to pick one up. [Via FarEastGizmos]