Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Japanese-Designed Vertical House Is Built For Crowded City Living

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/mujis-vertical-house-for-crowded-cities-2014-10

MujiAs popular cities have become overrun with inhabitants, many are forced to give up the basic comfort of space to live in a cultural hub. 

But Muji, the Japanese retail company known for it's minimalistic products, has designed a spacious home specifically for urban dwellers living in tight spaces — by building up. MujiThe home employs many strategies for making a space looking bigger than it actually is: there are no internal walls or doors, a large open stairwell runs through the entire house, and it has plenty of bright windows that let in natural sunlight.  MujiThe prefabricated ‘Vertical House’ prototype is located in the notoriously overcrowded Tokyo. It occupies a small plot of land that is spread across three stories. MujiThe home has a “split-level system” where all functions and programs are placed side-by-side, so that the space has a more connected environment. MujiThe home has a simplistic style, and is minimally dec! orated w ith Muji products.MujiMuji

It will be available in Japan in seven different variations for about 20 million yen ($180,116), according to QuartzMuji

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