Tuesday, October 21, 2014

HP Is Going To Announce A Crazy New Computer That Can Scan Objects In 3D (HPQ)

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/hp-sprout-computer-3d-2014-10

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HP is preparing to release a new computer with a built-in projector and 3-D scanner, according to Re/code's Arik Hesseldahl.

The computer will be called Sprout, and HP is reportedly planning to unveil it at an event on Oct. 29. Based on Re/code's description, it doesn't seem like the Sprout will look like an ordinary laptop or desktop computer.

The Sprout is said to include three primary parts: a flat touch-enabled surface, a large flat screen display similar to HP's line of Pavilion desktops, and an overhead assembly that includes a 3D scanner and projector. It doesn't sound like the Sprout has a traditional keyboard. 

The projector would display images on the flat surface, which users would be able to interact with. Specifically, Re/code says users will be able to manipulate whatever is being shown on the touch surface with either their hands or a stylus. This includes resizing elements of the user interface and moving things around. 

What's potentially more interesting, however, is the Sprout's 3D scanner. Once and object is scanned, users will be able to place the 3D rendering of that object in whatever he or she is working on. 

The Sprout will run on Windows at launch, but could eventually support Google's Chrome OS, Re/code's sources said. HP is likely to market the Sprout to businesses, but it may also try to target high-end consumers that may need it for professional purposes. 

We expect to learn more about the Sprout next week. The news also comes after HP announced that it will be splitting its printer and personal computer segment from its corporate hardware and services business.

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