Monday, December 09, 2013

This Brilliant Stop Motion Video Only Uses Photos Taken With Google Glass


A team of artists created an awesome stop motion video using hundreds of photos taken with Google Glass, Google's computerized glasses that will publicly launch in 2014.

The Google Glass YouTube account shared the video, which we first saw on Buzzfeed.

This is what Google Glass said in its YouTube introduction of the video below. It also linked to the artist's Google Plus page:

Since the beginning, filmmakers have been telling us how they would use Glass for storytelling. Now that the Explorer Program is underway, there's a lot of directing, producing and exploring happening, and we're inspired. Filmmakers from the Glass Creative Collective, our partnership with top-notch film schools, will be sharing more in the coming months. In the meantime, here's Catch, a short film by our very own +Tu Uthaisri.

Here's the video:

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