Thursday, August 15, 2013

Philips wins award for as yet unannounced 65-inch 4K TV


Philips wins award for asyet unannounced 65inch 4K TV

How do we know that Philips will unveil a 65-inch 4K television at IFA on September 5th? Because that same, unannounced device has just won the European Ultra HD TV of 2013-14 award. The self-congratulatory press release mentions that the Ambilight XL-packing hardware will be offered at a "significantly lower" price point than current UHD sets, which generally retail for upwards of $7,000 for this sort of screen size. There's no word on how much cheaper this new unit will be, but we're hoping that Philips has updated its (slightly clunky) smart TV interface to complement the eye-watering resolution.

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Via: Pocket-lint