Thursday, August 15, 2013

Audi teases 700HP hybrid Quattro Sport e-Tron Concept, A8 Matrix LED lighting


DNP Audi unveils Quattro Sport Etron 700HP hybrid concept sketches, new A8 headlight

We're still a few weeks out from this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, but that hasn't stopped Audi from showing off concept sketches of its hybrid supercar, the Quattro Sport E-Tron. According to Autoblog, the car will debut at the show sporting a twin-turbo V8 is similar to what's found in the company's RS6, but it has an electric motor bolted on to help it hit 700HP and a 200MPH-plus top speed. Being that it's a hybrid, you can operate solely on battery power, but for only 21.7 miles at a time -- so, if you're looking for something with a little more range, we have a few practical suggestions.

Now for news on a model we might be able to actually afford, the A8. Prior to the 2015 model's unveiling, Audi is teasing a few features ahead of time. The A8's exterior lighting got a massive upgrade with the Matrix LED headlamp system, which can auto-dim or shut the highbeams down entirely thanks to a camera that senses other vehicles. Audi didn't neglect the tail lights, either. The turn signals on the luxury sedan now sports 24 LEDs that illuminate sequentially in the direction of the turn, from the inside out. For more info, you'll have to dive into the press release below or check out the model's coming out party on August 21st, right here.

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