Friday, March 01, 2013

Some People Are Filming a "Documentary" Using Google Glass in New York Right Now


Some People Are Filming a "Documentary" Using Google Glass in New York Right Now There's a lot of really weird stuff that happens on any given day in New York City. Which is why I like to take the occasional day off during the week just to walk around and take in my surroundings. Take, for example, this random video shoot I came across of some grungy folks equipped with Google Glass in the Lower East Side.

When asked if they were shooting a commercial for Glass, the production guys told me they were helping out with a "documentary" and that it wasn't a commercial. Bullshit. I mean, Glass isn't available to the public yet (duh) and there aren't even very many Google employees who have them in New York.

Now, this isn't the first time Glass has been spotted in New York but it's the first time I've personally come across it here. The other time was at I/O last year when I tried on Sergey's own personal pair. It was underwhelming given the demo mode was embarrassingly dated, as Brin told us before a few of us donned the glass-less Glass.

Anyway, my feeble attempts to glean any more knowledge about this shoot were thwarted by the fact that, well, I knew what they were and I was asking too many questions. Also, #ifihadglass I would have snapped some higher quality shots than the ones here in this story because, you know, when there's a creepy dude circling around with this phone out, you tend to go and hide in the production truck.

There were four or five Glass wearers, most of them cyclists, sitting in front of Frank's Chop Shop waiting for… something. They milled about for a few more minutes and quickly descended into the tattoo shop next door to shoot their "documentary." And thus ended my brief encounter with Glass in New York, which was quickly followed by an insistent homeless or psychotic person—or both?— who wanted to shake everyone's hand.

We'll see in a few months time if they were shooting a doc or another commercial about some grungy older cyclists getting tattoos in New York. Honestly, if nothing else it's just refreshing to see someone use Glass for something other than a skydive.