Friday, March 01, 2013

Autodesk releases Socialcam 5.0 with HDR video, color correction


Autodesk releases newly branded Socialcam 50 with HDR video, color correction

Autodesk's been trying to bring its special effects expertise to bear on various handheld apps, and now its turning to cameras with its first release of Socialcam (version 5), since it bought the app last July. With the release, it's bringing updated visual effects, 720P resolution, HDR video with one-click mapping, color correction and a new logo to the to the app's estimated 20 million users. You'll be able to grab it gratis for iOS at the App Store today, or on Play for Android at an unspecified date next week. We're not sure if future releases will include the ability to add creatures to your vacation snaps, but we can always dream. There's more info in the PR after the break, or hit the source to grab it.

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Source: App Store