Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Walmart's iPhone 5 Data Plan Is Ridiculously Cheap (Updated)


Walmart's iPhone 5 Data Plan Is Ridiculously Cheap (Updated)Yesterday, Walmart became the latest retailer to announce plans to offer the iPhone 4 and 5 on a pre-paid basis with Straight Talk, a no-contract carrier offering unlimited data plans. And if you go with anything else, you're probably a sucker.

The Straight Talk plan (which claims to save users roughly $950 a year after switching from traditional unlimited plans) comes in two, contractless flavors: a $45 version with unlimited talk, text, and data plan or a $60 plan that throws unlimited international calls to select countries into the mix. You'll still be shelling out some dough, though, and for a limited phone selection at that. You can either pick up a 16GB iPhone 5 for $649 or an 8GB iPhone 4 for $449.

Anyone interested won't have to wait long; more than 2,000 locations will be offering the plan as soon as January 11. One potential con: you won't be getting visual voicemail support, but really, who actually wants voicemail these days? This deal just keeps getting better. Update: We've been informed that visual voicemail is, in fact, fully supported. Let the subsequent relief/rage ensue.