Thursday, January 10, 2013

Silicon Image UltraGig 6400 wireless HDMI, hands-on (video)


Silicon Image UltraGig 6400 wireless HDMI, eyeson

Silicon Image is hoping that you'll want to play HD from your handheld device on a big screen without taking the more convoluted WiFi route using DLNA, Airplay and the like. As such, the company took its WirelessHD 1080p60 tech currently seen in bulkier gadgets like laptops and shrunk it to mobile size as the UltraGig 6400 wireless transmitter. It's now created a reference design for the tech in the form of the tiny chip shown highlighted in the image above, which it would like manufacturers to integrate in their handsets or tablets. To show how it works, they jury-rigged the chip into a smartphone and set up a receiver on an HD panel, so naturally we wanted to take an Android game for a spin on the big screen. The signal stayed solid thanks to the chip's focused antenna array and 30-foot claimed range, while distracting latency seemed to be minimal -- in line with the company's 5ms assertion. Silicon Image is still talking to manufacturer's to see who might like to integrate the tech into their devices, but until then, you can experience it vicariously in the video after the break.

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