Monday, July 09, 2012

Microsoft Will Begin Selling Massive 82-Inch Tablets Running Windows 8 (MSFT)


windows 8 perceptive pixel large tablet

As part of its purchase of Perceptive Pixel today, Microsoft will start selling giant tablets running Windows 8.

This is the same 82-inch tablet Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was said to have hanging in his office. Now Microsoft will start selling those tablets, powered by Windows 8 of course, to business and education customers to use for presentations.

During a demo at Microsoft's keynote at its Worldwide Partners Conference in Toronto this morning, we saw a demo of the massive tablet from PPI's CEO. The 82-inch tablet is capable of thousands of multitouch inputs. You can also use multiple styluses on the tablet at the same time.

No word on cost or release date, however. Before the acquisition, PPI sold its 82-inch tablets for about $80,000. Steve Ballmer said Microsoft is working on making the Windows 8-powered devices more affordable for businesses.

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