Monday, July 09, 2012

Apple TV? Nexus Q? Boxee? Here's The Ultimate Guide To Picking A Smart TV Box


google nexus Q

You now have a ton of choices to watch streaming content from the web on your big screen TV. 

There are almost a dozen set top boxes like the apple TV out there, and several more so-called "Smart TVs" with streaming services built in.

Before you make a decision try to decide which features you care about the most, how much you are willing to spend and if you want to completely cut out cable, or complement your current cable subscription.

Here are the biggest contenders:

Best Box If You Don't Have An HD TV: Roku LT

The Roku LT box works with virtually any TV. This is particularly important for users who don't have a HDTV. 

Enjoy features such as 500+ entertainment channels (Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Amazon Prime, NBA, MLB, and more) including hundreds of free movies, and wireless connectivity.

Best Box To Watch Your Own Content: PS3

It's ridiculously simple to plug an external hard drive into the PS3 and watch your own content. PS3 sports an easy to use file management system that lets you see all your content and play it with the click of a button.

If you're a downloader and want to take your videos to the next level then the PS3 is for you.

Runner up: Boxee Box also lets you watch your own stuff from an external hard drive or SD card. You can do the same with the Xbox 360 does.

The Box With The Most Apps: Google TV

You can think of Google TV more like an operating system instead of an actual device. Google TV is built into actual TVs like this LG TV set.

Google TV is also baked into the new Vizio Co-Star. The Co-Star not only gives you access to apps through Google's Play store you can browse the web in full screen.

The benefit of Google's Play store is the ability to access thousands of apps, games, music streaming services, and more. 

Being able to access a full-fledged app store clearly gives the Co-Star a win in this category.

Sony also makes a Google TV powered box that lets you access apps and search everything, even live TV.

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