Thursday, January 26, 2012

This Simple Wood Contraption Lets the iPhone 4 Film Both Sides of a Story [Video]


Billed as the "lowest-tech accessory" for the iPhone 4, the limited edition Love Box lets you record both sides of a conversation through the use of a simple sliding mirror. Without the need for a special app or any post-production.

The Love Box was originally conceived in Paris when its creators needed a way to film conversations between two people with just a single iPhone. The fruits of their labors look a lot more like a high school wood shop project than a professional filmmaking tool, but it not only gets the job done, it also allows for some creative effects as you adjust the position of the iPhone and the mirror.

To celebrate its success, and to recoup some of the $12 it looks like it cost to build the original model, The Love Box is now available for sale in a limited edition run of just 100 units. The price? A hard-to-justify $80 given it looks less complicated to build than a birdhouse or spice rack. [The Love Box via Wired]