Sunday, January 22, 2012

drag2share: Here Are The 10 Best Free Apps For Your iPhone (AAPL)


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We've become pretty accustomed to shelling out a dollar or two for the best iPhone apps, but many of the best apps are free.

Here are our favorite iPhone apps that won't cost you a penny, and don't include any ads.

Evernote keeps track of notes, receipts, pictures, to-do's, and more.

Evernote, Inc's "Company Of The Year 2011", is an incredible app for staying organized and "never losing anything again" (the company's slogan).

We like to keep receipts, to-do lists, voice memos, notes, websites to visit, and more inside Evernote. You can even email things straight to your Evernote account. 


Photosynth is our favorite panoramic photo app, and it's free!

Photosynth is a super smart panoramic photo app from Microsoft that lets you stitch together 360 degree photos of your surroundings.

The app is a no-brainer to use, and is dollars less than its competitors.


LinkedIn's CardMunch app is essential for businesspeople.

LinkedIn's CardMunch app employs an army of real people to decipher business cards you've collected and input them into your phone.

All you need to do is take pictures of cards you've picked up from people you've met, wait 5-10 minutes, and the app spits back a contact card for your iPhone.


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