Friday, September 16, 2011

drag2share: Daily Desired: A Jetset Watch for Non-Billionaires [Desired]


Daily Desired: A Jetset Watch for Non-BillionairesRichard Branson and I live very different lives. I haven't left New York in months, and he's probably going to space any day. Luckily Branson put his eccentric billionaire's stamp of approval on a gorgeous Bulova watch for us wannabees.

I can't afford to fly to far fetched places like Sydney, Australia but thanks to the forthcoming Sir Richard Branson Bulova Accutron at least I'll know what time it is there thanks to a clever trick built into the watch. In addition to the standard hour, minute and second hands, the watch has a hand which keeps track of GMT. The names of 24 cities, each corresponding to a time zone, are engraved around the perimeter of the watch. Wanna know what time it is in the famed smoker's lounge at Denver International? Simply twist the outer ring, which moves the cities on the watch's face. When GMT and the GMT hand line up you'll know the time everywhere on Earth. What do you know? It's time for a drink.

The Branson Accutron will be available Fall 2012 and is limited to 500 pieces. It's not cheap but you don't have to be a billionaire to cover the $3,500 price tag. That's less than 2 percent the cost of a flight on Virgin Galactic. [Bulova and PR Newswire via BornRich]

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