Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Thinkflood intros RedEye Pro networked home automation controller

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Talk about slamming down on the left of the wheel. Quite frankly, we haven't seen a veering this drastic since ZeeVee decided to shelve its consumer plans in favor of more professionally oriented wares, but we're willing to give Thinkflood the benefit of the doubt here. The same folks made famous for their IR-beaming iPhone remote dongle have just come forward with something completely out of the ordinary -- the RedEye Pro. The company claims that this newfangled A/V accessory works exactly like the original, attaching to one's home network in order to control a gaggle of devices. Everything from your iPhone to your PC can be dictated, and with eight dual-purpose 3.5mm infrared emitter / contact closure sensor ports, all but the hugest of mansions should be taken care of. We're guessing that the install is only for the brave (and the jobless, given the time away from work that you'll need), but it certainly sounds like an appealing option for those who've grown tired of getting up to activate their HVAC unit. Oh, and if you're curious about the original RedEye, you'll be pleased to know that Thinkflood just shot out the gen2 today; it'll retail at $199 and offering a newly added IR-out port for those who keep their components in a cabinet or rack. Details galore in the source links below.

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