Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Single Tweet Led to the Highest-Altitude Dance Party Ever [Video]


A Single Tweet Led to the Highest-Altitude Dance Party EverNeed proof of Twitter's power? This heart-warming story is it. Of course, old school companies' values such as KLM airline's willingness to help—and the Guinness book of world records' keenness to always be where the action is were the deciding factors in today's lovely little tale of the world's highest-altitude dance party.

It all began when KLM airline announced they'd be doing direct flights from Amsterdam to Miami at the end of March, and Dutch DJ Seid van Riel and producer Wilco Jung replied, asking them to about the possibility of moving the flight one week ahead of schedule, so they could get to Miami for a music festival.

Keen to help (or grab some headlines), KLM replied with the daunting challenge—if they could find enough people to fill the plane to capacity, they would oblige by moving the inaugural flight forwards. Naturally the DJ and producer managed to find fellow passengers, and as you can see in the video below, the whole thing was documented by the press, and won them the Guinness record for the highest altitude dance party. The record to beat now stands at 10km above sea level. [Social-Times]