Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now I Feel Old: Schools to Get Multitouch Interactive Whiteboards [Whiteboards]


Now I Feel Old: Schools to Get Multitouch Interactive WhiteboardsTime for a next-gen spin on the age-old debate of whether a blackboard or whiteboard is better in the classroom? I pose that question because Panasonic's interactive multitouch whiteboard comes days after we saw Sharp's LCD blackboard. Who feels old?

Measuring 77-inches, Panasonic's UB-T880 whiteboard can be used by three people at once (making it "multitouch"), though it's worth pointing out that one will be holding the electronic pen, with the other two using more primitive tools—their fingers.

Snazzy features such as the ability to write in FOUR DIFFERENT COLORS, highlight in THREE DIFFERENT COLORS, listen to audio on the speakers and even activate the board remotely to turn PowerPoint pages, for example, are surely worth the AU$2,869 price-tag (USD$2,500). All that's written/drawn on the whiteboard can be saved to Word, Excel or PowerPoint once the Panaboard software is installed. [Panasonic via Gizmodo AU]