Monday, August 23, 2010

HTC's Tablet Could Have Touchscreen Tech From Microsoft-Invested N-Trig [Tablets]


HTC's Tablet Could Have Touchscreen Tech From Microsoft-Invested N-TrigWhat would you like to see in a HTC tablet? Something running Android? Chrome OS? A touchscreen built by N-Trig, the same guys who were behind the Microsoft Surface? UPDATED

According to, HTC has employed the services of Israeli manufacturer N-trig for its tablet's touchscreen tech—the very same technology that was used in Microsoft's Surface* table, along with other products such as the Dell Latitude XT. This tablet is supposedly on track to launch on November 26th, and will be offered "in cooperation with the US telecommunications company Verizon." Hmm.

The "GPad," as it's been called before, is almost certainly not Chrome OS if it's going to be available this side of Christmas, even with the Download Squad reporting last week that it could be running Chrome OS when it launches on Black Friday. My gut feeling is Android for this particular HTC tablet release, but if you know any better, please do get in touch. [Haaretz and Download Squad via CrunchGear]

*Worth mentioning that while the Surface table was touch-sensitive, it wasn't actually a touchscreen—instead using five cameras to capture motion from objects (and fingers) placed on the table.

Also, while Microsoft invested money into N-Trig earlier this year, N-Trig's website states that "N-trig was not involved with Microsoft's Surface computer, which uses optical technology. That is, infrared cameras and a projector behind its touch screen, which helps explain the Surface computer's high price and large size. In comparison, N-trig uses a capacitive touch sensor. The circuitry is located along two sides of a thin, transparent screen sensor, which allows N-trig to implement the technology inside a thin laptop or tablet display." Headline changed from "HTC's Tablet Could Have Same Touchscreen Tech as Microsoft Surface" to reflect this.