Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Intel boosts netbooks with dual-core Atom, slims 'em down with 'Canoe Lake'

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You're really coming full circle at this year's Computex, aren't ya, Intel? It was at the Taipei show two years ago that Chipzilla introduced the first Atom netbooks, and though it's taken awhile, the company is finally announcing dual-core Atom processors for the category (not to mention slightly changing its party line on the power of the sub-laptops). While the details on the speeds and feeds of the new Pine Trail N series CPUs are being kept under wraps for now, we've been told that they'll support DDR3 RAM and provide comparable performance to the dual-core desktop Atom processors, yet still maintain similar battery life to current netbooks. Intel still plans to keep these Atom chips in 10-inch systems, and told us that users will see the speed benefits in multitasking and browsing, rather than in HD playback and gaming.

But netbooks aren't only about to get faster, they're also going to go on a serious diet. Intel also unveiled its new "Canoe Lake" innovation platform for netbooks, which is what's behind that 14mm thick machine pictured above. The platform can support single- and dual-core Atom processors, but provides significant cooling to allow for 50 percent thinner systems. However, "Canoe Lake" is merely a reference guideline for other manufacturers to use, so there's no telling what the machines that use this could end up looking like. The dual-core Atom for netbooks goes into production next week and should be shipping in netbooks before the holiday season. And as for that super thin laptop you're inevitably still peering at? Intel expects its partners to use the platform and have products out by the end of this year. We don't know about you, but the pictures below may keep us salivating until then.

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