Friday, June 04, 2010

ASUS' Super-Slim Tablet Prototype [Tablets]


ASUS' Super-Slim Tablet PrototypeWhen ASUS introduced two sizes for its Eee Pad alongside the Eee Tablet the other day, we thought that was enough. However, UMPCPortal spotted a super-slim "Epad" on Intel's booth at Computex, which actually looks even better than Monday's announcements.

The Intel spokespeople at the booth said it was merely a prototype for now, but the video below shows it's running Windows 7 and looking very finished. One USB port, a power port and 3.5mm jack are located on the base of the tablet, with a biggish button in a similar location to the iPad's 'home' button. UMPCPortal says "it looks like it's currently on the Menlow platform," which debuted in 2008 and suits these slinky MIDs.

Will ASUS announce this at a further date? Your guess is as good as ours—but I sure do hope so. [UMPCPortal via CarryPad via SlashGear]