Monday, March 15, 2010

Le Whif Coffee Inhaler: First Hit's Free $3 [Addicts]


The makers of the Chocolate Inhaler have done themselves one better. The Le Whif Coffee Inhaler, a lipstick-sized tube that contains a "breathable coffee powder," gives you a nice caffeine fix without all that drinking and swallowing messiness. How nice?

Oh, just 100mg of caffeine. To give you some perspective, that's somewhere between a cup of instant and a double espresso, just from one little puff off a biodegradable tube. To give you overwhelming perspective, there's this:
This can only end well! The Coffee Inhaler is available for $3 a pop, or a box of three for $8. You know, if you want to share with friends, or never sleep again. [Le Whif via Boing Boing]