Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Nokia Booklet 3G and N900 Will Come to America, Absolutely No ETA [Nokia]


In a U.S. press briefing this morning, Nokia said that its Booklet 3G and the N900 will eventually be sold in the US of A. The company would not detail if they would be sold through carriers or simply unlocked (and in Nokia's U.S. based flagship stores).

Nokia's Vice President of Devices Kai Oistamo wouldn't answer anything in terms of availability and when asked if the Booklet 3G netbook would be sold before the end of 2009 he again would not "disclose any dates on the product launch in North America."

Now we have to admit that both products look pretty darn good. The N900 could change our tune on Nokia's impending doom and the Booklet 3G has some unique netbook features including assisted GPS. But on the later I'm just not sure it will be worth the wait. And sure there is a lot of interest (Oistamo even says the video of it "crashed the YouTube servers"). Come on, it is Nokia's first laptop. But it will most likely be overpriced ($810 without subsides is ridiculous) with a few special features. You tell me, would you wait on the Booklet 3G?