Monday, August 31, 2009

ASUS' Future Netbooks (Including Nvidia Ion and Multitouch Models) Forget XP, Run Windows 7 [NetBooks]


Arrivederci Windows XP on netbooks? If you believe leaked road maps, ASUS will release a handful of new netbooks in the U.S. running Windows 7 (Starter and Home Premium editions) and a 12-inch Eee PC with Nvidia's Ion.

There was speculation that many netbook vendors wouldn't choose Windows 7 Starter because of its limitations, including the inability to change the wallpaper and run Areo, and opt to go with the similarly priced, yet outdated Windows XP. However it appears that ASUS is betting on Win 7.

According to the road map most of its upcoming 10-inch netbook line, which includes its 1005HA and 1008HA series will run Windows 7 Starter (which IMHO kinda sucks).

We have heard from a source that ASUS will focus on Windows 7 on netbooks and has been working with Microsoft to tweak the BIOS of the Eee PCs. That still won't fix Starter's limitations, however.

The roadmap also reveals that a $499 12-inch ASUS 1201N which will pack Nvidia's Ion solution (Intel's Atom N270 and GeForce 9400M graphics) and run Windows 7 Home Premium is set to release sometime in October. It will have a six-cell battery and a 250GB hard drive.

It also looks like ASUS will slap some multitouch on top of the Eee PC T91 and put on Windows 7 Home Premium.[Eee User Forum via NetbookNews]