Monday, February 16, 2009

V12 Design Dual-Screen Laptop Gets a Bit More Real With Estari Partnership [Laptops]


The Canova dual screen LCD laptop from V12 Design we profiled back in July is slowly exiting the concept phase and could actually be headed for the all-important production stage of development.

The boost in street cred is due entirely to the fact that V12 Design has hooked up with an American firm called Estari to help with development. Estari, as you may know, is in the business of developing all sorts of dual screen computer things, including a 2-VU dual screen laptop from way back in 2007.

Today, in 2009, their web page has changed to reflect the news that they've teamed up with V12 Design to make a laptop that looks like what the OLPC XO-2 would look like if it mated with a Lambo.

But will this revolutionize the laptop, as Estari's marketing suggests? Judging by the fact that many of you are probably reading this on a traditional laptop, coupled with the fact that Estari's 2007 effort seems to have been lost sometime in 2007, I'm skeptical, at best.

[Notebook Italia via Engadget, Estari]