Monday, February 16, 2009

SmartQ 5 PMP Swallows Several iPhones, Could Take On Cowon P5 With Lower Pricing [PMPs]


Chinese electronics companies taking design cues from Apple is nothing new, so we won't dwell on it here. Instead, the SmartQ 5 could (stress could) match the Cowon P5 with similar features and better pricing.

The only trouble with that is, as the link to the P5 shows, Cowon has had a few months head start. The P5 also has a bigger screen (SmartQ 5 checks in at 4.3 inches—why not 5?), although the two devices share the same 800x480 resolution. Both devices also come standard with wifi, Bluetooth, GPS via USB and all the other little PMP features we expect today, like touchscreens. Oh, the exception is 3G, which is unavailable on both devices. Boo.

So what's the big differentiators here? Well, there's only one we can seen, and it relates to price. PMPtoday speculates the SmartQ 5 will surprise PMP fans with its comparatively lower price point. Is that enough? [zol via PMPToday]