Friday, January 09, 2009

Logic Bolt: The US's First Projecting Cellphone [Cellphones]


We've seen plenty of units from overseas manufacturers, but the Logic Bolt will be the first US cellphone on the market with a tiny projector squeezed inside.

Scheduled for release next month at a pre-contract price between $400 and $500 (or $100 w/contract), the Logic Bolt is a GSM handset with a 320x240 touchscreen, 3MP camera, 4GB storage and MicroSD expansion. Using a bundled adapter, the phone can accept VGA and RCA inputs, passing the signal on for built-in 640x480 projection (or it can obviously play any preloaded media straight from the phone). The battery can only last 2 hours in projection mode, so a second battery comes bundled with the phone.
As you can see, the projection quality doesn't exactly dazzle, but in all fairness, these shots were taken under the less ideal bright conditions of the show floor.
Manufacturer Logic Wireless hopes to release a CDMA/WinMO version of the phone in the next four months, and they're planning a 2.0 version of the product with QWERTY and possibly Android by the end of 2009.