Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Epson PowerLite Flagship 1080p Projector Is Super Bright, Super Clear For Under $3K [1080p Projector]

Source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/gizmodo/full/~3/pgLe-oO8bkM/epson-powerlite-flagship-1080p-projector-is-super-bright-super-clear-for-under-3k

Epson's PowerLite Home Cinema 6500 UB projector, with a 75K:1 contrast ratio and 1,600 lumens, is a prime example of what I love about tech: Everything's cheaper even as it becomes more powerful.

The 6500 uses Epson's "Crystal Clear Fine" D7 chip set to up the black levels and a Cinema Filter feature for improved color accuracy, and comes with HDMI 1.3a connectivity, 2.1x optical zoom and 4,000 hours of lamp life.

Also featured is a sweet HQV Reon-VS Video Processor and horizontal, vertical lens shifting—which lets you adjust the picture without having to move the actual projector. With 22dB of fan noise, you won't hear it whirring through your movies.

The 6500's price is set at $3000, pretty low for the feature set. By comparison, an Epson projector (the PowerLite 1080) from last year was the same price point for just a 12,000:1 contrast ratio and 588 lumens. Crazy what a year will change, eh?

The PowerLite® Home Cinema 6500 UB offers native 1080p resolution for an outstanding home entertainment experience. Delivering a superior contrast ratio of up to 75,000:1 with brightness up to 1,600 lumens, this high-performing projector features a new 3LCD™ D7 chip set from Epson with Ultra Black technology and a built-in HQV® processor and PW390 scaler for sharp, clear high-definition image quality at home.
Estimated Street Price
Target Market
• Home entertainment and AV enthusiasts looking for the best performance, features and specs available in a home projector
Key Features
• Native 1080p (1920x1080) resolution
• Epson 3LCD technology with New "Crystal Clear Fine" D7 chip set and Ultra Black technology for superb black lev! els and extraordinary details
• Unprecedented contrast ratio of 75,000:1
• Built-in HQV Reon-VX Video Processor and PW390 video scaler
• FineFrameTM Technology provides frame interpolation for smoother and sharper video quality
• Superior video image quality with Opticinema™ lens (2.1 zoom ratio)
• Cinema Filter feature delivers larger color space for improved color accuracy
• Brightness of up to 1,600 white and color lumens
• New dust filtration system for increased efficiency
• Low fan noise of only 22dB
Additional Noteworthy Features
• Manual lens shift of 100 percent maximum up/down (vertical) and 50 percent maximum left and right (horizontal)
• 6 Color Modes – Dynamic, Living Room, Natural, Theatre, Theatre Black 1, Theatre Black 2, x.v.Color
• HDMI 1.3a connectivity with Deep Color support
• Zoom ratio – 2.1x optical zoom, manual focus
• Brighter 200W E-TORL lamp delivers high brightness using less energy for up to 4,000 hours of lamp life
• Dimensions – 17.7" x 15.4" x 5.7" (W x D x H)
• Weight – 16 lbs.
Warranty and Support
• 2-year parts and labor limited warranty, 90-day lamp warranty, Epson HomeService Program and Epson PrivateLine dedicated toll-free support