Thursday, September 11, 2008

Red Confirms DSLR, Says It's Bigger "Revolution" Than Red One [Red]


Red, makers of the famous Red One camera, have confirmed their upcoming DSLR while dropping breadcrumbs of specs for us to gobble up. First things first, don't call it at SLR—it's a "replacement for DSLRs" going internally by the name DSMC (Digital Still and Motion Camera). And if we're reading between the lines correctly, they're teasing that the camera will feature video content above hi def.

While (insert code name) is not a replacement for Epic or Scarlet, it is strategically targeted at the DSLR space. As Nikon and Canon release their 720P and 1080P, respectively, DSLRs with video capture... RED has a more advanced view of the future.

My personal reading on this is that the company is aiming for 4K capture. They also dropped this other tidbit, in case you aren't excited enough:

I won't comment on any specifics until the 1st of the year. But "revolution" applies more to this than the RED ONE did to cinema.

They'll hear from us January 1st. [Red User via Engadget]