Friday, August 15, 2008

First Android Phone Coming September 17, Sources [Htc G1]


September 17. That's the date when the first Android phone will reach the market at an initial $150. According to the NYT and the the unofficial T-Mobile blog, HTC and T-Mobile will release what they hope will be the bringer of the iPhonecalypse, and they are calling it G1, as in Galactus One or G-Spot One or Google One, all of them sound good to me. Looking at the alleged specs and leaked video, it seems that it could be a real challenge to the Apple cellphone:

• 3G connectivity.
• 3 megapixel camera.
• 5 x 3 inches wide touchscreen.
• Sliding QWERTY keyboard.

Basically, everything needed to one-up the iPhone, at least in theory and according to some people's tastes (although with a QWERTY keyboard it may end being thicker than the iBrick).

The price strategy is strange, however. TmoNews says that it will be available for $150 on the first week, going up to $250 and $400 after that, depending on the size. [NYT and TmoNews via Wired]