Monday, August 11, 2008

Announcing Winners of the SnagIt 9 Challenge


snagit Thank you all who participated in the SnagIt screenshot challenge which was about discovering stuff on your desktop that cannot be grabbed with a screen capture program.

Here are the 10 winning entries (out of 92) who get a copy of SnagIt 9 courtesy Betsy.

1. Fer Vazquez: Even with the option to capture mouse pointer enabled, it is impossible to capture the pointer trail (once this is enabled too!)

2. Prakash: You cannot take a screenshot of taking screenshot.

3. Michael Markuson: Snagit can not capture the screen that appears after pressing pressing Ctrl Alt Delete.

4. William Baer: Quite simply, active screen savers cannot be saved with screen capture software because as soon as you would define the area and try to capture it, your activity shuts off the screen saver.

5. Gaurav: You cannot capture Windows Vista's UAC prompts with SnagIt because it uses Secure Desktop mode.

6. Michael Bazzoni: I do tons of screen captures but the only thing I found that I cannot capture is a UAC prompted message in Windows Vista. The only way I could get this is via digital camera.

7. Sid: I wish we could capture the screen when they hang - or the Blue Screen — to send to IT for debug.

8. Ross: The BIOS.

9. Akshay Jain: You cannot capture Google Talk conversation in "SCROLL" mode with Snagit. I have been using Snagit and other screenshot programs but they fail to auto-scroll the gtalk chat window.

10. Haim: Can I capture a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD).

Your registration codes have already been dispatched. Meanwhile, you can read some SnagIt Tips or this detailed review of SnagIt 9.

Announcing Winners of the SnagIt 9 Challenge - Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal