Sunday, June 01, 2008

RCA Releases New Mini-Camcorders With Expandable Memory, Water Resistance [Video Cameras]


smallwonder.jpgRCA is refreshing and expanding its line of Small Wonder mini camcorders, positioned to compete with the wildly popular Flip Ultra. The new cams feature upgraded video quality, storage and skins, though unfortunately no rechargeable battery. The Pocket and MyLife models don't offer anything too revolutionary, but keep the same fold-out screen of the original, while the more rugged Traveler claims water resistance and shock-proof battery contacts, though the screen is built in to the body.

The Flip has been dominating the dizzy-cam market since its release, fending off the first-gen Small Wonder and the cheaper, better-spec'd Vado from Creative. The camera has been essentially unchanged for about a year now, though rumors abound about a new Flip Mino, which looks significantly more compact than its older brothers.

When it comes to mini-camcorders, the name of the game seems to be simplicity over anything else, so it remains to be seen if the comparatively long feature list of the Small Wonders will be a boon or a burden. The MyLife, the Pocket and the Traveler will be out this summer for $90, $100 and $150, respectively. [CNet]