Friday, June 06, 2008

Audi Q5 to boast NVIDIA-powered interface, gadgets aplenty


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Audi is certainly no stranger to cramming some less-than-common technology into its vehicles, and it looks like its new Q5 compact crossover vehicle is no exception, with it set to roll out of the factory later this year with some NVIDIA-powered graphics. That comes in the form of the vehicle's Harman/Becker-designed MMI (Multi-Media Interface) "3G infotainment system," which relies on an unspecified NVIDIA graphics processor to provide smooth map transitions, along with photorealistic depictions of points of interest and other eye candy. As if that wasn't enough, the vehicle's in-dash system will also boast support for external USB storage media, built-in Bluetooth, satellite radio, and even a SIM card slot that'll effectively turn it into a quad-band GSM cellphone.
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