Thursday, May 01, 2008

Western Digital's VelociRaptor drive gets reviewed


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We already had some early benchmarks of Western Digital's speedy new VelociRaptor hard drive the day it was announced, but the folks at Extreme Tech have now had a bit more time to spend with the drive, and they've churned out a full review of it for those that still haven't made up their mind. As with others, they found the drive more than lived up to its promise of being the "world's fastest SATA disk," with it even beating out many solid state drives in terms of write performance. The biggest downsides, as you might expect, are its relatively high (but not unreasonable) price to gigabyte ratio, and its maximum 300GB capacity, although that's nothing a second (or third) drive can't solve. Of course, they don't stop there, and you can find plenty of charts and comparisons to quench your curiosity by hitting up the link below.
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