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Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Wall Projector for your iPod, Mobile phone or Digital Cameras

oio explay mobile projector [Picture of a couple watching video clips from their mobile phone projected on the wall]

explay oio wall projectorImagine projecting pictures or video clips from your iPod or mobile phone on to the nearest wall. Or playing the PowerPoint presentation directly from your smartphone or PDA on the wall of the conference room without the bulky projector.

Explay, a company based in Israel, has developed a battery-operated projector called "oio" that looks like a USB thumb drive and can be used to display content from any mobile device including cell phones, digital camera, media player, video camcorders, etc.

Oio mobile projector is no vaporware, the device was recently demonstrated at a conference in California and Explay plans a commercial launch in 2008. No word on pricing yet.

So you are not limited to viewing those high resolution pictures on the tiny LCD screen of the mobile device, Oio will help you watch content on any surface like a wall, coffee table or even your bed.

Explay Oio | Product Brochure (PDF) Thanks Ilya.