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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Featured Windows Download: Sync Photos to Flickr with FlickrSync

flickrsync.png Windows only: Free, open source application FlickrSync monitors any image folders of your choosing and syncs their contents to your Flickr account. We showed you a simple command line method for automatic Flickr uploads, but FlickrSync brings an entirely new level of functionality to keeping desktop folders in sync with your Flickr account—allowing you to do things like match folders to Flickr sets and create new sets for new folders.

It takes a little getting used to, but with FlickrSync you can basically manage your photos locally and ensure the results are replicated perfectly on Flickr (which makes it an exceptionally good photo backup tool). FlickrSync is a free, Windows-only download requiring .NET 3.0. If you need to recover photos in the other direction (i.e., from Flickr), try previously mentioned Migratr.

FlickrSync [via CyberNet]


Monday, August 06, 2007

Thomas Hawk's excellent side-by-side comparison of photo collections

Source: - Getty Images vs Flickr

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thomas Hawk: "Below are three searches that I selected at random. Las Vegas, candle and clouds. Now click through to the search pages for these terms at Flickr and at Getty Images. Which one is better? Is it clearly better? If you were a marketer would it make a difference to you which one you pulled your images from?

Las Vegas Getty
Las Vegas Flickr

Candle Getty
Candle Flickr

Clouds Getty
Clouds Flickr

Now let's take this a step further and enter into the long tail of stock photography let's do a search for Tujunga (a small town in the San Fernando Valley where I grew up) and Mount Tam (a local mountain in Marin here in the Bay Area).

Tujunga Getty
Tujunga Flickr

Mount Tam Getty
Mount Tam Flickr

Interesting what you get here isn't it? You see with 400 million images in their library Flickr is the better stock agency for long tail stuff for sure. The problem just is that Flickr hasn't figured out how to turn this on yet."


Thursday, June 14, 2007

How To: Track your Flickr page views with Statr

Flickr-Statr.pngEver wondered how many people are perusing your Flickr photos? Statr is a web-based application that will track the amount of page views your Flickr account receives.

Statr for Flickr allows you to track and plot page views statistics for your Flickr account. Graphs are automatically updated on a daily basis and can be linked from external websites.

Getting started with Statr is a breeze -- all you need to do is grant Statr read access to your images. It takes Statr a day or so to collect data before it will begin displaying your page views. Unfortunately, Statr is a little simplistic and only displays page views. It doesn't give you any information about uniqueness of visitors, visitor frequency, visitor location, etc. If you're proud of your Flickr traffic, Statr also generates some in-line HTML so you can showoff your Flickr traffic graph.

Statr for Flickr []


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Phreetings - Create Photo Greeting Cards with Flickr Pictures and Your Text

Amit: The interface is intuitive - search the images from Flickr database (you can also limit search results based on Creative Commons license), add some text and the photo card turns into a webpage.

Here's a sample greeting card created from the the profile pictures of MyBlogLog visitors.

Thanks, Amit!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flickr = Censorship

Flickr = Censorship [I am CEO of Zooomr] I'm pretty pissed right now. Two days ago I blogged about an incident involving Rebekka Guðleifsdóttira. Rebekka is one of the most popular photographers on Flickr and definitely someone that those of us who have been around for a while would consider "Old Skool" (RIP). Rebekka is a single mom and art student living in Iceland. She's an artist and a talented one at that. She does amazing things with her camera. Recently she discovered that a gallery Only-Dreemin had been ripping her off. They'd sold thousands of dollars worth of her images and when she caught them and tried to make them give her the money that they stole from her they refused. So Rebekka did what anyone with a following on the internet might do and she posted about her frustration and plight on her flickrstream. And her story resonated loudly with the flickr community. Her story made the front page of digg and by days end she had 100,000 views on this particular photograph with hundreds of supportive comments. So what's got me pissed today? What's got me pissed today is that according to Rebekka, Flickr has removed her image from their site. That's right. Not only did they remove and kill her image and her *non-violent* words of protest, but they censored each and every one of us who commented on her photograph, who offered support to Rebekka, who shared in her frustration by wiping every single one of our comments off the face of the internet forever. According to Rebekka, Flickr's explanation? “Flickr is not a venue for to you harass, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others. If we receive a valid complaint about your conduct, we will send you a warning or terminate your account.” WTF?!? So a flickr photographer gets ripped off. Dares to complain about it. Has an outpouring of support on the internet over it and Yahoo decides censorship is the way to handle this? This is the worst I've seen from Yahoo yet. You know when Yahoo decided to without my permission delete a photograph I'd posted of Michael Crook and along with it a long dialog of community conversation I was pissed. But I'm even more pissed now. Yahoo should not get away with this. This type of censorship is not right. They should apologize to Rebekka and reinstate this photo that they deleted and all it's comments. These comments that Flickr don't belong to them. They belong to all of us. All of us, the community that makes Flickr even possible. Remember the community Yahoo? Remember the community that Flickr used to stand behind. I remember back when I posted a much earlier photo on Flickr when I'd almost been ripped off by PriceRitePhoto. I used this photo to put pressure on PriceRitePhoto which eventually put them and their sleazy business practices out of business. You know what? Back when this happened I actually got a personal email supportive of my plight from someone on Flickr staff. That was then though. This is now. Rebekka, I'm sorry that Yahoo has decided to censor you. Consider this post and the posting I'll make at Flickr a protest in support of you and your right to share your frustrations in your photostream and in your art. This really sucks, and know that even without Flickr, the attention to this matter will not die down. I'm not sure how this company got to Flickr and Yahoo, but this will not make their problem of cheating you go away. Because when people censor it only makes the censored story ring louder in the end. Rebekka, you had my support when you originally posted about your plight and you have it now. And to Yahoo and Flickr? Shame on you. Digg this here. Update: Flickr has formally responded on this matter and a debate regarding this "mistake" is going on over here in this Flickr Help Forum. Feel free to chime in if you'd like.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Only-Dreemin, Fine Art Thieves

stealing IS a crime, right?, originally uploaded by _rebekka.
Well mark this down as another fine art gallery that thought that they could rip someone's photos off just because they put their photos on Flickr. Rebekka Guðleifsdóttira (or more simply _rebekka as she is more popularly known on flickr) is one of flickr's most popular photographers and a friend of mine. In addition to doing interesting and provocative self portraiture work she also does some amazing Icelandic landscapes. But that's not why she's getting some attention this morning. She's getting attention this morning because she's posted the above composite to her flickrstream and written a post about how she's been ripped off by Only-Dreemin, a London based print-selling company. They also have an eBay store here. Rebekka says that this store basically ripped her photos, sold them for thousands of dollars and now won't compensate her for what they stole from her. In my case, a friend of mine came across their store on ebay and recognized one of my prints. (this was way back in january i think) I looked into the matter and discovered 7 more of my photos being sold there. In the case of pictures 1, 2, 6 and 7, the image had been divided up into 3 vertical panels. ( Something i would never DREAM of doing myself. ) Furthermore, the images had been given new and exciting titles, like "Seraque II" and "Attica", "Dawn expander II" and " Joga" (barf). I spent a good many days researching, going back thru their customer feedback, and was able to track back the sales of at LEAST 60 prints made from my images. These prints sold for a total sum of 2450 british pounds (around 4840 US$ ) What makes this worse is that Rebekka is an art student and single mom living in Iceland and hardly has the money to pursue this company through the legal channels. She has tried and hired an attorney but is now left stuck with an attorney bill after this company still won't pay her for her work that they stole. At least a letter from the attorney was able to get her images (which are all right's reserved) off of Only-Dreemin's website. This isn't right. Stealing is not right. To take someone's photographs and then print them up and steal them sucks. It's a violation. A while back someone tipped me off that a guy out of Israel was selling prints of my work as the "exclusive" provider of Thomas Hauk (he misspelled my last name) prints on the internet. I emailed the guy and he took the photos down. You wonder for all the people that are getting caught ripping photos off of Flickr, how many are not getting caught. Only-Dreemin deserves to learn the lesson that stealing is not right. I'm sorry this happened to you Rebekka and hope that this company in the end makes things right with you financially and publicly apologizes for the way that they operate their business.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

FlickrCash at NY Tech Meetup April 3, 2007