Wednesday, September 24, 2014

An Aerospace Engineer Has Completely Reinvented The Ice Cream Scoop


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One of Michael Chou’s biggest pet peeves was not being able to scoop frozen ice cream.

“I couldn’t help but feel there was a better way,” Chou, a mechanical and aerospace engineer for the University of California San Diego, explained to The Daily Mail. “I like my ice cream frozen and hard – melting it with a hot spoon or letting it sit out for half an hour ruins it.”

So the 35-year-old Michigan father spent two years to invent the The Midnight Scoop, a “better ice cream scoop” that has the ergonomic design that allows you to scoop even the hardest ice cream.  

The midnight scoop kickstarter project ice creamWhat makes The Midnight Scoop different is that the curved end forces you to push the ice cream with your palm, thereby using the muscles in your arm and chest instead of with the weaker muscles in your wrist.

The key is in the handle which is curved to fit your palm and keep your wrist straight. The scoop is also specially designed with a thin and pointed end that can easily slice through ice cream.

Made from a coated and forged aluminium alloy, it will cost $50 with a lifetime warranty. The Kickstarter project has already exceeded it’s $17,500 goal by over $20,000 with still eight days left in the campaign.

The midnight scoop kickstarter project ice creamYou can donate to The Midnight scoop on Kickstarter here.

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