Wednesday, April 09, 2014

drag2share: Here's How Fast Food And Exercise Habits Vary Around America


Fast Food And Exercise

People in the South and Midwest consume fast food more frequently than people anywhere else in the country — with Oklahomans opting for Big Macs, Whoppers, and the like more times per week than residents of any other state.

Meanwhile, Hawaiians exercise more frequently than residents of any other U.S. state. Nice weather might help explain that, but Alaskans come in second — eliminating the cold as an excuse for skipping workouts. (Thanks, Alaska.)

The data for these maps come from the DNA analysis service 23andMe. The genetic information provider examined more than 1500 different characteristics, ranging from fast food consumption to pet ownership, to help illustrate the way that personality, health, and behavior differ across the United States.

Their information was all tied to geographic locations, so 23andMe researcher and statistics blogger Emma Pierson created a series of visualizations that illustrate some of the differences around the country. As you can see above, the places where people exercise more frequently tend to be places that consume less fast food.

Pierson also created interactive visualizations that allow for more detailed state-by-state comparisons of how frequently people eat fast food or exercise.

You can check out some more of the results they found on 23andMe's blog.

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