Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A smartpen to rival Livescribe: the $150 Equil JOT that lets you use any paper

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/29/equil-jot/

Equil JOT smartpen goes head to head with Livescribe, lets you use any paper for digital notes

While Livescribe's offerings might be popular among those who wish to marry their pen and paper habits with the digital world, the eponymous smartpen does require users to scribble their notes on Livescribe-approved dot paper. If you'd rather use your own precious Moleskines or all you have on hand is a water-stained cocktail napkin, you'd be out of luck. Equil has a solution to that, however, in the form of the JOT smartpen, which lets you use any paper you want.

The JOT system comprises two components: A Bluetooth receiver and the pen itself. Equil even provides a handy pen carrying case that houses both items together in a special magnetic smart cover similar to the one Apple sells for the iPad. Using a combination of "infrared rays and ultrasonic waves," the receiver is able to triangulate the position of the pen as long as it remains within line of sight. Don't worry about the sort of paper you use either, as you can easily calibrate it to fit any size surface with either the Equil Note or Equil Sketch app, both of which are free from the App Store. We should note that the Equil JOT only works with Apple devices with Bluetooth LE support, which includes hardware that runs iOS 5 and up plus OS X Lion or above.%Gallery-slideshow102349%

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Source: Equil, Equil Note (App Store), Equil Sketcb (App Store)