Thursday, July 18, 2013

Google rakes in over $14 billion in revenue during Q2, increased ad revenue balances growing Moto losses


Google rakes in over $14 billion in revenue during Q2, growing ad revenue balances growing Moto losses

For the last several months Google's stock price has been surging, getting increasingly close to the $1,000 mark. And when monstrous revenues like this keep rolling in, it's easy to see why. In Q2 of 2013, the internet giant pulled in $14.11 billion in revenue, an increase of 19 percent year-over-year. Of that massive haul, all most all of it (93 percent) was generated directly by Google properties, most notably massive advertising networks -- $12.1 billion of its gross was thanks to advertising. Motorola's efforts equate to just less than $1 billion in revenues, but the $998 million it pulled in is not an inconsequential improvement over Q2 2012's $843 million. Even with that modest increase, however, Moto still posted an operating loss of $342 million. That's notably worse than the $199 million lost during the same quarter last year. While this wasn't a record setting quarter for Google, it's certainly not far off from its Q4 2012 mark of $14.46 billion, and marks a small increase sequentially.

Net income also remained strong, with the Mountain View team pocketing $3.23 billion. Again, not a record high, but not far off from the $3.55 billion in Q1, and a pretty impressive jump year-over-year from $2.79 billion. While a significant chunk of Google's cash is generated here in the good ol' US of A, the international markets are still treating the company quite well. In fact, a full 55 percent of revenues ($7.2 billion) were earned overseas. While cost-per-click continued to decline for the company, by 6 percent from last year, the number of paid clicks was up more than enough to compensate -- an impressive 23 percent. And, should Google's fortunes suddenly turn, it has a war chest of $54.4 billion stashed away for a rainy day.

We're listening in to the earnings call at 4:30 PM ET today and you'll find updates from that after the break.

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