Friday, May 31, 2013

Samsung's 65- and 55-inch 4K TVs launch next month in Korea for less than $8,000


Samsung's 65, 55inch 4K TVs launch nex

Samsung's first 4K TV came with an eye catching 85-inch frame design and an eye popping $39,999 MSRP, but its next two will apparently be much more reasonable. The 65- and 55-inch versions have just been given a release date and pricing information in Korea and while still expensive, they've followed Sony's lead to a sub-$10,000 price point. The machine translated press release indicates pre-orders should start June 1st, with the 55-inch model available for 6.4 million won ($5,670), and the 65-inch version for 8.9 million won ($7,913). Naturally, they include Samsung's upscaling technology and support for the Evolution Kit CPU upgrade as well, and as seen in the pics (above and one more after the break) feature a more standard frame design. As an additional bonus, pre-orderers will get a free coupon for the 2014 upgrade kit (we wonder if that will include any potential new HDMI standards) and a fitness bike exercise game app.

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Source: Korea Newswire