Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FocusTwist: The Closest to a Lytro Camera Your iPhone Can Get

Source: http://gizmodo.com/5995231/focustwist-the-closest-to-a-lytro-camera-your-iphone-can-get

FocusTwist: The Closest to a Lytro Camera Your iPhone Can GetWhile we'll still have to wait a bit for Lytro powers to come to our smartphones on a hardware level, we can at least approximate the neat little camera's refocusing powers with what we've already got. And this is where FocusTwist for iOS steps in.

What's it do?

Lytro employs light-field technology when it takes a photo, basically absorbing every possible ray of light and merging the images together, letting you refocus the photo anywhere you want. FocusTwist uses a similar idea: take a photo within the app, hold still for a few seconds while FocusTwist goes to work snapping multiple images with differing focal planes, and come away with a photo that you can readjust as you please.

Why do we like it?

Because FocusTwist has to work with iPhone's camera, the results obviously won't be as drastic as they would with a Lytro. But if you frame your pictures carefully (the app works best when you frame your shot with a very close object in front and a larger subject off in the distance), you'll likely have a blast Twisting and refocusing to your heart's content. So while this won't be too useful for quick shooting at a moment's notice, if you're looking for a neat little trick that makes use of the camera you already have, the $2 you'll be shelling out is definitely cheaper than buying a Lytro.


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