Monday, June 04, 2012

How to Build the Fastest Bike Ever from Junk Parts [Video]


Graeme Obree is a world-renowned cyclist who has broke numerous world records. His latest obsession has focused around building the world's fastest bicycle; one that go faster than 100 miles-per-hour. But instead of teaming up with a fancy lab and dumping millions of research dollars into materials research and wind tunnel testing, Obree is building a bike from old scrap parts. A bike tailored to the intricacies of his own body.

In this 10-minute mini-documentary put together by Humans Invent, Obree runs through all the weird shit he's using to build the bike—including old sauce pans—and his approach to design, which dictates that any bike with a universal design compromises its maximum potential for performance. If all goes to plan, Obree will attempt to break the speed record in November. And if you won't watch for the ins and outs of bike nerdery, than do it for for his scottish accent which will entrance you from the outset.

How to Build the Fastest Bike Ever from Junk Parts [Humans Invent]