Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet Electric Imp, The Brilliant Gadget From The iPhone's Former Hardware Boss


electric imp

We're going nuts over this one.

Hugo Fiennes, the hardware boss behind the first four iPhones, has a brilliant new startup called Electric Imp. (We first got word of the company from Gizmodo.)

Electric Imp is more of a system than a single gadget. You can install a tiny card (it looks like your phone's SIM card) to just about any device in your home and connect it to the web. Each card has a built-in Wi-Fi antenna and processor.

The system is fully programmable. For example, you can tell your dishwasher to send you a tweet or text when it's finished. Or you can turn off your home's lights from your iPhone. Or you can get a text message whenever your doorbell rings...

You get the idea.

Manufacturers can also add Imp card slots to their appliances. (If an appliance doesn't have the slot, you can buy one and install it.)

Each Imp card will cost $25, but no word yet on when you can buy it. Developers can get their hands on a development kit in late June to start writing apps.

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