Thursday, March 01, 2012

At A Strange New Restaurant In Times Square, Diners Eat In Pitch Black Darkness


black, dark, Dans Le Noir NYC's several-year journey to open in New York City is now over. The dining-in-the-dark restaurant is officially open in Times Square, according to Eater.

Originally, the restaurant had scouted a Flatiron location, but then moved to the Lower East Side, then considered Chelsea before deciding on the crossroads of the world.

Finally after delays dating to 2009, the spot opened this week.

Patrons are told not to wear fancy clothes, so if something spills in the dark, the damage is not severe. Fortunately waiters are deft in the dark; they're all blind.

Sample menus show items such as tournedos of crocodile and "surprise wine" and "surprise cocktails."

And if you get to drunk, it's back to the daylight for you.

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