Wednesday, November 16, 2011

drag2share: Ledo's Lustworthy LED Lights Are Another Reason To Hate Incandescents [Lightbulbs]


Ledo's Lustworthy LED Lights Are Another Reason To Hate IncandescentsThey're not quite as traditional looking as Panasonic's recently developed incandescent bulb replacement, and that's exactly why I love what German LED maker Ledo has done with their new retrofit LED lights. With a design that's as lustworthy as the sleekest smartphone, they give consumers yet another reason to make the switch.

All in all there are three different bulb designs in Ledo's Bulled series. The 'Classic', pictured on the right, features a set of aluminum fins for dissipating heat, while the 'Modular', pictured in the middle, uses smaller fins on a series of cones, forming air ducts to cool the electronics. And finally the 'Star' uses synthetic materials instead of aluminum, so it's even lighter than the other two models, while still effectively cooling the components using a passive heatsink approach.

The arrangement of the LEDs also allows each bulb to disperse light in a full 330 degrees, providing similar illumination to a 60 watt incandescent, while only drawing about 11 watts. According to Ledo's site the 'Classic' LED replacement is coming soon, and even though I'm sure it will be extremely expensive, with a lifespan of close to 80 years with conventional use, it could very well be the only bulb you ever buy. [Ledo via designboom]

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