Thursday, July 21, 2011

A $3,000 Bike with 4 Wheels for the Well-Heeled [Bikes]


A $3,000 Bike with 4 Wheels for the Well-HeeledIt must be nice to be filthy rich— to not have to worry about making rent, to be able to shrug off $4/gal gas, and have the bankroll to purchase one of these custom quad-wheeled cruisers from Autumn Sphere.

The Epitaph Cruiser is opulent, if anything. Its powder-coated steel frame is accented with aged-leather. The seat, handlebar covers and insert are all hand-made. The Epitaph also uses a single rear coaster brake to maintain the clean, fixed gear look (though you'll want to avoid long hills). Oh, and it has four wheels— oversized front and rear forks accommodating its custom double alloy rims. The production run is limited to a scant 12 cruisers with each bike retailing for $2950 (hey, exclusivity ain't cheap). No word yet on how you'd change out flats from the twin-mounted tires. [AutumnSphere via Born Rich]