Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Is Nokia Making a Dual-Screen 3D Phone? [Phones]


Is Nokia Making a Dual-Screen 3D Phone?When in doubt, go 3D. Hey, it's working so well for everyone else, so why shouldn't Nokia have a stab too? A patent has arisen showing a Nintendo 3DS-style dual-screen phone with both 2D and (glassesless) 3D screens. Dual-cameras would shoot 3D content similar to LG's G-Slate/Optimus Pad and Optimus 3D/Thrill 4G phone, but unlike LG's tablet it actually shows autostereoscopic 3D right there on the screen.

The patent shows that the 3D cameras can be controlled using gestures or by touching the bottom 2D screen, and mentions that rivals' efforts (looking at Nintendo, obviously) are "typically poorly implemented," suggesting they're going to have a wider 3D viewing area rather than just the usual sweet spot. Nokia is also exploring making the 3D display touchscreen along with the 2D screen, which could certainly lead to some interesting games in the future. [UnwiredView via IntoMobile via SlashGear]