Thursday, March 17, 2011

Whoa! Your New iPad Will Stick To Your Fridge [Ipad2]


Whoa! Your New iPad Will Stick To Your FridgeProvided your new iPad is attached to its magnetical Smart Cover, it'll cling on to your refrigerator like a spider monkey to a tree branch. Or like something magnetic to something metal. It's true! That's my iPad sticking to my fridge this very morning. It seems like it's all being held up by the magnets on the flap of the Smart Cover, and I must say it feels surprisingly secure—I could definitely use it as a reference while cooking (read: doing FaceTime with my Mom while she tells me how to cook) without being too worried about slippage. Disclaimer: don't do this at home, because maybe your refrigerator isn't as magnet-friendly as mine, or maybe you're clumsy, or I don't really know, just know that I'm in no way responsible if you break your iPad trying to use it as a giant refrigerator magnet. [9to5Mac]