Monday, February 07, 2011

Tonight's Sprint Surprise: A Dual-Screen Android Phone? [Unconfirmed]


Tonight's Sprint Surprise: A Dual-Screen Android Phone?Sprint's hosting a big ol' magic party tonight in NYC, with special drowsy-eyed guest David Blaine helping introduce "another industry first." According to the WSJ, that means a dual-screen Android handset from Kyocera.

Kyocera's Echo will apparently feature a pair of 3.5-inch screens that can "stack side by side," using a pivot hinge that lets you use it either in "tablet light" mode or like a traditional smartphone. Other details—whether it's 4G, how much it'll cost, when it'll be available—aren't forthcoming yet, but we should get a boatload of info tonight. If it's anything like that Fujitsu prototype we saw a ways back? Get excited.

Although I'm still holding out hope that all we'll see at the event is just Blaine making Sprint CEO Dan Hesse levitate for 20 minutes. [WSJ]